Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm a muse......

I was chatting with the fabulous & talented Sara of Twillypop on Twitter this morning and she showed me something that absolutely made my day....

A bracelet! Named after MEEEEE!

And then I saw something else that added to the excitement....

A necklace! Also named after


I've thought Sara to be the bee's knees for awhile now (both in talent & personality), but this just cemented her place in my heart. And don't you just LOVE her description?

Devin is a romantic, classic, & feminine color combination......yet "she" remains hip and relevant..

♥  Je l'adore  ♥

And they're so perfectly ME. Gray and pink...dark and sparkly...
Sigh. What a great morning :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Etsy... !? (yay?)

I closed my Etsy shop a few months ago because it had started to consume me and I was leaving very little time for anything else. Almost immediately after making my decision, I felt better - calmer, more relaxed. Since I've closed, I've been able to focus more on reading, cleaning, exercising...I feel as though I'm in a better place now and now that I've been through this once, I've been thinking more and more about reopening my Etsy store.

However - I'm going to need to constantly remind myself that Etsy is *not* (unfortunately) my job or as important as a lot of other things in my life, especially my health.

I also need to remind myself that HEY! Jules and I HAVE A BLOG and we need to update it more than once a month. The more we write, the more an actual theme of wtf this whole thing is about will appear and then we can work our way to being blog princesses. 

(Yeah, right.)

So - back to this whole Etsy thing. 

Even while I've been EtsyMIA, I've still been trying to create....but I feel as though I'm losing my jewelry-making-mojo and it drives me nuts. I'll sit on the floor for two hours and the end result will be half of a necklace. I have all sorts of ideas in my head but actually getting them out into the open is proving to be quite difficult.

So! I have some ideas of new things that I'll be adding to my shop. I think I want a more cohesive "c0llection," if you will - hopefully other people will like certain designs as much as I do. And then actually buy them. Because that's the end goal, right? Right.