Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm a muse......

I was chatting with the fabulous & talented Sara of Twillypop on Twitter this morning and she showed me something that absolutely made my day....

A bracelet! Named after MEEEEE!

And then I saw something else that added to the excitement....

A necklace! Also named after


I've thought Sara to be the bee's knees for awhile now (both in talent & personality), but this just cemented her place in my heart. And don't you just LOVE her description?

Devin is a romantic, classic, & feminine color combination......yet "she" remains hip and relevant..

♥  Je l'adore  ♥

And they're so perfectly ME. Gray and pink...dark and sparkly...
Sigh. What a great morning :)


  1. You are toooooo sweet! Thanks for this :D

  2. That is so extra fabulous AND they're beautiful (as you are!). She is the bee's knees, isn't she? :-)

  3. What a simple sweet and unique bracelet. Keep up the great work.

  4. So cute!! I love it :) Thanks for sharing :)
    Boho Market by Giovanna

  5. wow, that's amazing, good for you!

    I LOVE Sara's work, I can never make up my mind which is my favourite. Normally whichever one I saw last!