Sunday, May 30, 2010

itty bitty kitties!

Last night I took Bowser outside to do her business and as we were playing, I saw two tiny kitty faces looking at me from underneath my car. I brought Bowser upstairs and came back with a small bowl full of wet cat food and a water dish, which I placed near my tire. One of the cats immediately started to eat - the other, a little shyer, hung back for a bit but finally her hunger took over and she joined her sibling at dinner. A few neighbors came and went as I sat on the sidewalk and watched them eat; I asked them all if they knew who these babies belonged to, but no luck. One of the neighbors pegged their age at approximately six weeks old. There was no mother in sight and these kittens were obviously not being taken care of. I then called my mother & text messaged everyone I could think of to ask if they knew anyone who wanted two kittens.

A few hours later, I had convinced my mother to come over to take the kittens with her until we found them homes; there was no way I would be allowed to bring them inside with a brand new puppy and a cat who currently hated everyone. As I was watching the cats, they would suddenly disappear from under the car - I realized that they were crawling up into my engine block. When my mother arrived, we popped my hood and there they were, two gray balls of fluff stuffed into itty bitty spaces in my engine block. I managed to grab the shy one, but before I could snatch the second, she escaped from the car and led me on a two-hour run through the bushes and under cars. I finally had to give up - she was totally spooked and there was no way that I was going to be able to catch her that night. My mother and I decided that she would take the other one home with her and I would try again the next day to get the other. I fell asleep crying because I had separated them.

I woke up this morning and took Bowser out - almost immediately I heard a tiny mewing sound coming from my car. I rushed the puppy back upstairs and grabbed my car keys and the cat carrier. I open the hood and saw the wily kitten crying inside - I grabbed her and pulled - there was no way I was letting her escape this time. She put up a fight, but I ended up winning.

About an hour later, the kittens were reunited - this time in a climate-controlled house with fresh water, food, and a litter box. I'm currently looking for homes for them, but if I can't find anyone to take them, we'll have to bring them to the SPCA.

For the next week, I'm going to be donating 20% of the proceeds from my
Zibbet store to the Virginia Beach SPCA. I'm also happy to accept custom orders. I volunteered at the SPCA when I was younger and know first-hand how desperate they are for money, donations, and supplies; my days as a volunteer also resulted in my darling Peter cat, who was on the verge of being sent to the back room (from where cats don't return) and is now in his 14th year of being fat, happy, and spoiled.

In the United States, there are an estimated six to eight MILLION homeless animals entering animal shelters every year - that's not even counting those who remain in the wild. About half of these animals are adopted; therefore, the other half are euthanized. Animal overpopulation is a huge problem and one that I am committed to help stop.

In the words of Bob Barker -
Have your pets spayed or neutered.

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